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    Fujian plans 490 major projects in 2014

    The Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission plans to undertake 490 major projects and invest 330 billion yuan ($54.52 billion) in 2014, according to the Second Session of the 12th People's Congress of Fujian Province held on Jan 12.

    Fujian invested 489.5 billion yuan in its major projects in 2013. The - Railway and Nanping-Sanming- Railway started construction, and a number of projects such as the -Shenzhen Railway and Ningde No 2 Unit Nuclear Power Station completed construction.

    The Fujian provincial government will spend 320 billion yuan in transportation construction, energy engineering, municipal construction, water conservation projects, the information industry and environmental protection.

    In 2014, the province plans to carry out 490 projects, including 357 currently under construction. Fuzhou subway lines 1 and 2, Xiamen subway Line 1 and the first phase of the second round of the Fuzhou airport expansion project will be accelerated. The province will also work to achieve breakthroughs in the second round of the Fuzhou Changle Airport project and in preparatory work for the Zhangzhou LNG filling station.

    By Peng Juan, China Daily Fujian Bureau, and Zhao Qian

    Edited by Michael Thai

    © Copyright 2017 Invest in Sanming
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